Your Translation Project

Please use this form to present your translation project. Note that it will be screened for Pastor Gervase Masanja by his agent. If he is willing to consider, he will respond to you, asking you to attach the scan to your next email response. When he has looked it over Gervase will email you with an estimate and how much is required for a deposit against the finished translation work.

The Deposit is to be sent via PayPal according to instructions. When the work is completed Gervase will write you again with the final invoice amount. When that is received, he will email you the completed translation work.

[Note: For matters OTHER THAN translation, or to reach Pastor Gervase directly - please use the correct contact form]

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Please describe your translation project size, whether from English to Swahili, or, from Swahili to English, and your deadline by when it must be done.

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It may seem a little unfair that you pay before you see or receive your finished translation work, but we have found it is too easy for people to send a work project and then when they receive the bill, they refuse to answer, and the work has been done for nothing.

If you should feel after you have received the work, that it is not at all good enough, you may write to appeal and ask to have it done again - or in extreme cases to be reimbursed.