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Gervase and Mariam Masanja is the founder and general overseer and has planted a number of churches in 15 regions of Tanzania. (Operating Under Victory Faith Ministry-Reg;SO;6601). He has 17+ years of evangelistic experience, as well as a college degree, and continuing studies with African Ministries Network School of Leadership.

His skills also include literature translation from and into Swahili. (See his offer of services on this site).

"For many years, evangelists have preached to people in the country's capital and a few prominent towns. In remote villages and rural areas, thousands and thousands of unreached people have an unquenched thirst for the Word of God. These are the ones we are reaching!"

In many ways Gervase represents his church to the world via this site and his other contacts world-wide. However, as you explore this site, we hope you will also find the pulse of the ordinary people who make up the congregations of the Pentecostal Missionary Churches.

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Pentecostal Missionary Church
P.O. Box 9848
Dar es Salaam

Contact: Pastor Gervase M/ Masanja - via Mobile Phone: 0744 590926

Or Reach him via our Contact Form

Note: Pastor Gervase does not use Facebook.

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