Report on 2012
PMC National Conference

Pastor Gervase Masanja

This is a report on our 2012 PMC National Conference held from August 9th to the 12th, at Kibaha, Maili Moja. The Kibaha District is in the coast region of the United Republic of Tanzania. Our town is located along the Dar es Salaam to Morogoro Highway, and situated 38 km west of Dar es Salaam, our national capital.

Our Pentecostal Missionary Church usually holds such a conference annually. By the constitution of the church, the General Conference is composed of members of the Executive Committee; all ordained and licenced ministers from our churches and lay members.

Preparations for the conference were well done. Intercessors prayed for this event. The public was invited through personal invitations done through house to house evangelism, office to office visitations, tracts/ hand bills distribution and person to person "maranatha" ministry.

The ladies got up at 5.00 a.m daily to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for the conference delegates. May they also receive the blessings due to them for their hard work.

Pastor Masanja with guest speakers

Conference participants gathered at the conference premises for intercession from 5.30 - 6.30 a.m. During this time, a Bible message was read and meditated upon (devotions). Finally, they prayed earnesty for the conference and its lecturers - the church of Tanzania - Africa and the world, the invisible church - the nation and its political leadership - the peace and love in our country - that people are saved during this event - for divine protection and good health of all conference visitors, not only from USA, but also those from other places.

Gospel literature distribution was massive. All this brought an evangelism explosion in Kibaha through which many were reborn, having confessed Christ as Lord, Saviour and Redeemer.

Delegates and Observers

We were expecting delegates from abroad, outside our country - from Malawi, Zimbabwe, Rwanda/Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, South Africa, Mozambique, Uganda, and Kenya. However, foreign delegates only came from Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Kenya, due to the travel costs.

Other conference delegates came from all our local churches in Tanzania. This included zone bishops, as well as pastors, evangelists, and lay members from all our churches countrywide.

Observers who attended, included Moslems and believes of African Traditional Religions. They heard the messages preached, were spiritually moved and some gave their souls to Christ as Lord and Saviour, thereby adding to the membership of our Kibaha Congregation.

Conference Speakers

Dr. Mike J Pangio - main speaker

The main conference speaker was Dr. Mike J. Pangio, of the Abudant Ministry International, Ohio, U.S.A. He was accompanied by Rev, Jerry Hunt and Pastor John Allan, both from the U.S.A. This visiting team impressed the audience mightily through their firery preaching and teaching.,

The theme of the Conference was "IMPARTING INTO THE NEXT GENERATION." There were three sessions in the morning prior to lunch and two in the afternoon; ending at 5.00pm. About 400 local people and visiting pastors attended too. The people really liked the excellent teaching of our guest speakers, which brought about a revival. The four days elapsed very quickly.

In fact, participants requested that Dr. Pangio and his team shall allocate at least a week's training for church leaders when they come back next year. This will impact the work of ministry particularly in Tanzania and Africa in general.

In Africa we have a saying, "we make time, while westerners make watches." As the conference was drawing towards the end, more delegates were arriving from upcountry. This is because, Africans are rather poor at time management. Hearing of the fantastic teachings from the conference speakers, they were moved to join us. To the Americans they were late, but to us Africans, that was the right time for coming.

Special Conference Highlights

Ordinations and Honorary Degrees

honorary degrees conferred

After our conference ended fifty P.M.C. Pastors were ordained; twenty coworkers in Christ were commissioned, and all were released into the ministry of the Word. Dr. Pangio, our chief guest speaker, officiated at this special event.

Furthermore, nine bishops who had served the Lord with diligence, integrity, humility, and perseverance for a period of fifteen years or more consecutively, and with good report and a sincere Christian witness were given honorary degrees of Doctor of Divinity (D.D - HONORIS CAUSA).

This was a milestone in the history of our church - it has become a centre of excellence, internationally.

PMC School of Ministry!

Dr. Mike J. Pangio also inaugurated the PMC School of Ministry; for which he had initially invested heavily. May the Lord bless him richly. The school has enrolled twelve students so far, among these are church elders and pastors who have never been to any Bible School or College.

Abundant Ministries

Rev. Dr. Gervase Martin Masanja was appointed and announced publicly to take up the post as National Director for Abundant Ministries. Dr. Mike Pangio pronounced with a prophetic voice that Dr. Masanja had an apostolic calling and God wants to use him at higher levels.

Intercession, Delverance, Healings

Intercession prayers were made for the sick, who received healing. The broken-hearted were healed also, liberty was proclaimed to the captives, who were set free from demonic oppression. Those who came with mourning spirits were comforted. The Lord opened the prison to them that were bound. The wounded in spirit were not left in pain. All to the glory of God.

Jerry Hunt with the Maasai dancers

Cultural Attraction - Masai Youth

The conference was also attended by Masai youth - dancing and singing in their traditional fashion. They impressed the audience very much. For the Americans, it was like a tourist or cultural attraction.

In the stringent MASAI culture, their tradition does not allow them to mix, that is, males do not mix with mothers/ ladies in public. Youths (boys) do not mix with female youths (girls) in public. Youths in general do not mix publically with adults, neither can they eat or share a drink together. However, the Lord of Hosts, Jesus, who is above every culture, broke this yoke. His Spirit has led them to believe in Him. As reborn Christians they come to dance and sing for the Lord in Swahili and their vernacular. They attended the conference with their traditional way of clothing, becoming a cultural attraction indeed.

Practical Notes & Evaluation

Follow-up Classes

small group meeting

After the conference, our local pastors and the team from Zimbabwe held classes for those who were saved during the conference. They had to be taught on the basic foundations of Christianity. Fifty or more candidates attended daily.

Financing the National Conference

Dr. Mike J. Pangio and other friends of mine, both locally and living abroad, had donated funds for operational/running costs of the conference. These funds covered costs for food, water, soft drinks, bites and accommodation. To minimize expenses on accommodation, hall 2 was used for this purpose.

Local churches contributed towards the printing costs of adverts, hand bills, invitation cards and hiring of public address systems.

Finances were our greatest challenges. The conference costs were high, amounting to thousands in US dollars, for the things mentioned above. We certainly praise God for the funds that came in, but we have still incurred some debts to pay off.

As we evaluate the strong and weak points of this year's conference, we start to make plans for next year's National Conference as well. Dr. Mike Pangio and his team have shown interest and agreed to return to Kibaha again next year. We have already started to pray for that conference.

We are working towards minimizing costs of transportation, accommodation, and the renting of public address equipment. If God is willing and provides, we hope to buy a van for mobility, a public address system, tents, beds, mattresses, blankets and bed sheets.

Additional Photos

checking a point
Checking a point

Masanjas presenting to guests?

Jerry Hunt with the Maasai children
Pastor Jerry Hunt with the Maasai children.

Pastor Masanja presenting cash for Maasai classroom

Pastors with the Maasai cultural dancers

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