My Visit to Edwin L. Hodges Ministries

(Pastor Gervase Masanja reports on a specific visit, on his fifth trip to the USA in 2012, to the E. L. Hodges Ministries, in Decatur, Alabama).

I was received by Mr. John Young, one of the supervisors, who met me at the nearest Greyhound bus stop in Huntersville, 25 km from Decatur. I arrived around 9:10 pm on November 13, 2012, and it was a cold, chilly night. John took me to McDonald's for supper, and then to a comfortable hotel room that had been reserved for me.

Edwin L. Hodges in the warehouse of the ministry he founded

Rev. Edwin L. Hodges heads this ministry as its founder and president, and appeared strong and healthy for his age, when he came to meet me at the hotel in the morning. After breakfast together, he took me to his office.

Their offices and warehouse are in a very large building. The warehouse is able to load and unload ten 40 ft. long containers on a rail berth closeby.

About E. L. Hodges Ministries

sortng and culling books to be packed for overseas

This ministry centre is located in a very large building which hosts a number of offices, the president and his secretary, various departments, and a warehouse big enough to accommodate a large quantity of books and literature, plus the loading dock to and from ten 40 foot long containers. There are also several railway couches for keeping print media from different areas.

Volume of Stock

Hodges in his warehouse of his ministry

The centre has thousands of tons of printed matter – these include Bibles, Concordances, Bible Dictionaries, and Commentaries, Tracts, Christian books and other material intended for aid. These are packed into containers and shipped to different countries in Africa, Asia Europe and/or other States in the U.S.

Container Freight Charges

Hodges receives books from different churches

The centre does not have sufficient funds to cover freight charges and other operational costs for the containerized cargo.

I feel that this is a good place for financial investment – in order to enable the E.L. Hodges Literature Ministries International to forward the containers full of gospel literature, by which many souls will know Christ and receive Him as Lord and Saviour, and be delivered, from satanic torment and bondage to sin through healing.

Previous Assistance

In the past, the E.L. Hodges Literature Ministries International dispatched three 40 ft long containers full of Bibles, books (both Christian and Academic), and tracts. These materials were a remarkable blessing to our nation as they ignited a great revival which was accompanied by a massive soul winning, healing, deliverance and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. To say the least, I look at this centre as a morning shining star - a great help for the least reached and unreached people groups, and the spiritually needy, hungry and poor.

I spent three days working with the president of the ministry, Rev. Edwin L. Hodges, and other members of the staff, and I appreciated my time there very much!

Extra Photos

volunteers helping at the ministry

Volunteers from various churches come to help with Hodges Literature.

Pastor Gervase handing out tracts in Randalman, NC

Pastor Gervase was handing out tracts in Randalman, North Carolina, USA

Another scene from the tract distribution event

Another scene from the tract distribution event.

Pastor Gervase presented a wheelchair to a needy handicapped child

Pastor Gervase presented a wheelchair to a needy handicapped child

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