News Releases and Reports

Bible Reading Marathon Fire Conference

We Invite all who wish - to come to our "Bible Reading Marathon Fire Conference 2018" starting Jan. 3, 2018. Notice this poster with details isn Swahili.

You may print out this Half-sized Poster or - click on this link to open and/or download the Full-Sized Poster. If you are able to print it and create posters that you may put up in your neighbourhood to make others aware of this very special conference. The whole Bible will be read from beginning to end in 90 days!

Should you be interested in the progress of God's Work in the Pentecostal Missionary Church, you will also want to open and read our PMC-Newsletter for November 2017.

October 2014 - Photos of First Graduation from PMC School of Ministry, and Photos of Distribution to the Needy.

From time to time we have news releases of special events in the Pentecostal Missionary Church, or reports of events that are past. You will find links to them from this page.

Malehe Micro Enterprise Women

Meet the Malehe Micro Enterprise Women. There are about 80 women who meet once a month. Each momth they pay 400,000 Tanzanian shillings into the group. Then, when anyone has a need, she may request a loan, by writing a letter requesting it. See more photos of this woman's group

Visit to Edwin L. Hodges Ministries

Pastor Gervase Masanja reports on a specific visit, on his fifth trip to the USA in 2012, to the E. L. Hodges Ministries, in Decatur, Alabama. There he was shown around their large facilities, and he gained a desire to raise funds to be able to order container loads of literature for the work of the PMC in Tanzania. Read his report and see photos of this important visit.

Dreams and Vision Published

November 2012 - we have just published a new brochure which summarized much about the Pentecostal Missionary Church (PMC), and especially introduces the dreams and vision of Bishop/Pastor Gervase M. Masanja about the needs of this ministry and church denomination. These are shared in the brochure with the hope that readers will CATCH the vision and dream and become partners in bringing them to pass!

2012 Dreams and Visions (brochure)

Maasai Cultural dancers at the National Conference

We have a report with photos of the 2012 PMC National Conference which took place August 9 - 12 in Kibaha, Tanzania.

Character References about Pastor Gervase Masanja by two pastors in the USA.

In the fall of 2007 a container load of wheelchairs adapted from plastic lawn chairs arrived in Tanzania for Pastor Gervase Masanja and the Pentecostal Missionary Church. Here is a Report on the Wheelchair Distribution. It includes some photos of disabled people before and after they received their wheelchairs. Since they received 550 wheelchairs, the PMC shared some with some other ministries in desperate need of them. Two of them sent thank you letters afterward.

American? Click to see if you qualify to make and sell these crosses.

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