.........EFFECTIVE PRAYER........

A Monthly Article/Lesson on Prayer
by Sister Ruth Marlene Friesen

Provided to you Monthly by PMC-Ministries.com. The Pentecostal Missionary Church of Tanzania. Because we want YOU to learn the Principles of Effective Prayer - and hopefully become one who intercedes for us and our desperately poor people!

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This is especially for you if you want to learn to pray effectively so that your prayers are answered and you learn to have regular fellowship with God, walking and talking with our precious Lord.

These articles will also appear after published in the ezine, on this website in the Prayer section.

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Right now we are looking for more subscribers to our ezine, Effective Prayer, and we know that many nowadays would like to get their own website noticed in more places with a good link, so for a time we are making this special offer:

If you will subscribe to Effective Prayer, and after you have read some of the prayer articles send us a kind note of Blessing, or a testimonial of how the articles have helped you, along with a link to your website, I willl publish that note and your link on the Blessings & Testimonials page.

Your site will have to be one that we would not be ashamed to link to, but we know the value of a good in-bound link and are prepared to give you one for as long as you remain a subscriber of the ezine. (It would not be fair for you to subscribe just long enough to obtain a link/favour and then to unsubscribe, would it?). We trust the articles on prayer will be an encouragement and blessing to you as they come to your email address once a month!

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