Pastor Gervase Visiting
the USA in 2015

Pastor/Bishop Masanja and the PMC Church of Tanzania is very grateful to the friends and Partners who have contributed funds for the pruchase of land on which to build their new church. They pray that this seed-money will bear much good fruit one day in many transformed, saved lives in their area, and throughout Tanzania. They are sure God counts these generous givers as "Blessed Ones."

Pastor Gervase Masanja is making a major trip to the United States this summer from mid-May to mid-August. He is planning to attend a leadership conference for his own spiritual benefit, and then visit a number of ministries to renew partnership agreements and plans.

His first priority is to attend a Leadership Training, at International Power Ministries, at the Light House Church, in New Jersery.

His agenda includes some of visits to:

The Pilgrim Tract & Bible Society in Randleman, NC. Pastor Gervase will help them with translation of some booklets and tracts from the English to the Swahili language.

Pastor Raymond Davis of Pentecostal Freewill Baptist Church, ( a Co-Founder of the Pentecostal Missionary Church). Pastor Davis is one who helped Pastor Gervase to establish the PMC denomination in Tanzania.

Mechanical Falls in the state of Maine, USA. There a group that will host him, and he will stay for two weeks.

The Yates Center in Kansas, where a pastor/friend will host him for 3 to 5 days.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Bishop Williams will host Pastor Gervase for few days. While the Bishop was in Tanzania, his wife died back in the USA. This couple have been spiritual parents to Pastor Gervase, especially when he stayed with them in 2010 for one month.

Other visits in other USA cities are not confirmed yet.

Purpose for Visiting

The fellowship with all these people is sure to be sweet, but the main purposes for Pastor/Bishop's trip are these:

To show appreciation to those who have contributed to the purchase of the church property in Tanzania,

To look for new partners and friends who will commit to supporting the work of PMC, the building of the new church building as described in two brochures available on this site (Dreams and Visions brochure.pdf and 2015 Phase 1-2 Ministry Complex.pdf)

To share about what God is doing in Tanzania and East Africa, and what an open and good field it is for spreading the Gospel

To look for Christians willing to invest in Tanzania

To talk about, and find supporters for the building of the new church, the pastor's home, facilities for orphans, and the disabled

To see about obtaining a mission vehicle for the spreading of the gospel

To seek out funds for many practical things like a public address system, etc.

For more details see our brochures: Dreams and Visions brochure.pdf
and 2015 Phase1-2 Ministry Complex.pdf

Please read Pastor Gervase's Report on his visit to the Theological Book Network (TBN) and their warehouse.

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