Report on Visit to Theological Book Network (TBN) 2015

by Pastor Gervase Masanja

Finally, for the first time, I was able to visit the offices of the Theological Book Network (TBN) ministry, while on my trip to the USA. TBN is located on 3529 Patterson, Grand Rapids City, Michigan in U.S.A.

Justin Holford, invited Pastor Gervase

Justin Holford, Director of Operations at TBN, invited me to tour their warehouse, and showed me around.

Actually, there were two of us. I was staying with my long-time friend, Bishop John Willims, Founder and President of Central Bible Ministries International, and he came with me to take in this large and very orderly warehouse, filled with Christian literature. We were both very impressed.

Pastor Gervase with Bishop John Willims

TBN has been a partner and good friend to our Pentecostal Missionary Church (PMC) for a long time. Twice, in the past, TBN has sent two 40 foot containers full of theological and Christian books, including Bibles.

These books were formerly used by students in Bible schools and Theological colleges and seminaries. Here they became a part of libraries in churches and ministers in Tanzania.

TBN has an extensive ministry in the United States, serving schools, colleges and seminaries. They also donate books in large quantities to the third world countries, of which Tanzania is one. Many Bible colleges in our country have received and benefited from the theological books from TBN in the past.

When I arrived at their offices, I was astonished at the large quantity of books stacked nicely according to subjects. Mr. Justin Holford, the Director of Operations, was my host. After a meeting with them in the office, he took me to the warehouse.

This year, TBN expects to again send a 40 foot container to Tanzania, full of theological and other Christian books, for distribution to the Bible institutes.

Previously, I visited Love Packages, Pilgrim Tract Bible Society, Edwin Hodges Literature Ministries, and World Missionary Press, all of U.S.A, and we have received literature from them too.

But our PMC, located at Kibaha, is the biggest Christian Literature Distributor in Tanzania. We do it through our Gospel Literature Distribution (GoLD) Ministry. We have a very large demand for Christian Literature to give the unreached people groups in Tanzania. We will have no problem distributing another container full of good, sound Biblical literature for study and discipleship and pastoral training.

Therefore, we kindly request all our various donors, partners, well- wishers and lovers of sending the good news of salvation to the least reached and unreached people groups of the world, to continue giving financial and material assistance to these ministries in the U.S.A., and also to the PMC's Gospel Literature Distribution Ministry in Kibaha, Tanzania.

Literature evangelism has an enormous impact, a penetrating power which brings many to the Lord Jesus Christ. Books enable ministries of the world to acquire the necessary knowledge suitable for preaching and teaching the Word of God. Your donation of books, your intercessory prayers, and financial aid will enable shipments of containers full of Christian literature to different countries of the third world. In so doing therefore, you will be sending the gospel of Christ to the thirsty souls.

You can learn all about Theological Book Network (TBN) from their website:

This next shipment will cost $4,000, and clearing the container at the port here in Tanzania will cost another $2,000. Check our Support page for ways in which you can send us funds towards this project.

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