Christian Sites

As we make friends with other Believers around the world, it is often because we have learned of their websites through friends. We like to do them a favour by mentioning them here, so that you may discover their sites too. Perhaps you will find new friends for yourself though them.

E.L Hodges Ministries International - is a non-denominational, non-profit ministry based in Decatur, Alabama. It purposes to print, publish and distribute Bibles, and both new and used Christian literature, and also tracts, cassette tapes, and video tapes around the world as needed and requested. They ship all this by the container load.

Love Packages - also ships Christian Bibles and literature by the container loads to countries where Christians cannot easily access or afford Bibles and good literature. Love Packages is located in Butler. Illinois, USA, and is also happy to accept donations of literature, funds for shipping, and volunteers to help with sorting and packing.

Pilgrim Tract Bible Society - is yet another non-denominational ministry that prints and ships a large volume of Gospel trcts world-wide in many different languages. Pilgrim also collects out-dated Sunday School materials and literature to ship out to Christian workers in third world countries who cannot possibily afford it. Their aim is to cover the earth with tracts, and their motto is, "Have Faith in God." They operate a small Christian bookstore too.