GoLD: Gospel Literature Distribution

Distributing tracts, booklets, Bibles and Christian Literature has a profound impact. It is truly one of the most effective ways to reach the lost and disciple the believers.

reading tracts

Every $20 gift provides 500 Scripture booklets.

$100 reaches 2,500 people with truth from God's Word! That is 25 people reached for every single dollar invested!

While Tanzania has been spiritually responsive, there is grave concern among church leaders. Although they are reaching the lost, winning them to Christ and baptizing them, the new converts are not being discipled. This leaves the new converts vulnerable to the efforts of Muslim proselytizing. Believers in Tanzania need to be firmly grounded in God's Word in order to reach their country for Christ and stand against the growing shadow of Islam.

The answer is getting the Word of God into the hands of native pastors and believers in Tanzania.

Shipments of Christian literature and Bibles has a great impact. Pastor Gervase reports, "I have so many letters requesting booklets. There is a great need of Scripture because many people cannot purchase even a New Testament...the daily income for one person is $1.00! Now when they get these booklets free, they wonder and thank God for this miracle.

a container shipment being unloaded by volunteers

As you can see on our Help Us page, we want to encourage you to work on packing a container shipment of gospel literature so that we may distribute them to our spiritually hungry Tanzanian brothers and sisters.

We hear that in many western hemisphere homes there is so much in the way of Christian books, and videos and music CDs, that sometimes it is taken to the garbage dump to cleanse the homes. This seems like a tremendous waste to us! It is like watching someone pouring a glass of clean water on the ground while you are dying of thirst! If you have so much to spare, we beg you to gather it together and send us as much as you can.

It is true that printing costs are cheaper here, - when we can find a reliable printing company - and we are glad to have discovered Manna Publications (USA) and Manna Publications (UK) which distribute the printer-ready manuscripts in easy English for a large number of well-written Bible study books and guides. We can obtain permission to translate them into our local languages, and when we have a quantity of them printed, we can sell them at a low price. Unfortunately, some of our poor Tanzanian people cannot afford even those books. We need YOUR help financially to be able to distribute them.

Not everyone has their own copy of the Scriptures - the Bible. Yet, you probably know that that is God's Word, and every believer should feed every day on God's Word for his spiritual manna. As we said at the top of the page, $20 would buy 500 Bibles to distribute. Simple math tells you that is 25 Bibles for every $1. Does that sound very cheap to you? But most Tanzanians will have to forgo eating for a day and not have any other expenses, for they only earn $1 a day - if they have a job.

We know that many people who used to have plenty, now have little or nothing. We do not beg from such dear people. But if you have something to spare, and God directs you to give to us, we would praise God for providing through you!


The Gospel Literature Distribution is running out of stock now and we need more Gospel Literature materials as well as Relief aid Gifts for the poor needy. These are kind of Gospel Literature that we urgently need;

(1) Used and New Bibles in a large quanties
(2)Christian Books for helping Pastors,Church Libraries and for mass crusade use
(3)Tracts in Swahili language and English too
(4)Sunday School Magazines
(5)DVD,CD,Audio Cassetes for Gospel teachings and Songs
(6)Any Gospel related materials that can help our People for speeding the Gospel

Sometimes we discourage the shipping of containers because the port costs for getting the materials out of the ships from the Tanzanian Port Authority to our people is so expensive. If you are sending a container of literature (or any other helpful items), please consider sending funds for these costs as well.

Put your gift into an envelope and address to;

Port and Distribution Gift
to Gospel Literature Distrubtion in Tanzania-Africa
(Attn-Pastor Gervase Masanja),
P.O.Box 9848,
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

(The same envelope MAY be addressed to Love Packages-USA)

Your Donation of Both Gospel Materials, AND Port & Distribution gifts may cause many souls to be saved.

(1)Any medication materials or chemicals
(3)Any dangerous things

NOTICE! We now have plans to place our gospel literature here on this site so that anyone may access them who is able to get on the internet. Watch for these developments over 2011

See the Help Us page for ways to give.

Read Matthew 6:19-21

Thank you, and God Bless you,
Gervase Martin Masanja