Swahili Translation Services

Pastor Gervase Martin Masanja offers Swahili Translation services together with his team of human translators. They are able to work both ways, from English to Swahili and from Swahili to English, however, Swahili is their mother tongue and they know it best, they can speak, think, read and write in Swahili.

Ready to Translate for You

Short documents - such as letters, reports
Traveller's conversational phrases in preparation for meeting Swahili speakers
Application forms
Speeches and sermons
Government forms and documents

Teaching Swahili

If you come to Tanzania, Gervase would be happy to teach you some basic Swahili to get you around as you explore our country and othes where Swahili is the original language. He can teach you about Tanzanian culture and customs. You will know what you can do or should not do in our country, what is safe to eat, and what is not, and what kind of clothing is correct and proper.

Translator's Resume: Gervase Martin Masanja

Gervase Martin Masanja - translator

Name: Pastor Gervase Martin Masanja
Address: P.O.Box 9848, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania
City/Country: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Languages: speaks, reads and writes Swahili, parents' local tribal language, and English.

Education levels: Completed high school, 4 years of Bible School, earning a diploma in Theology and Church Leadership Training, and has received an Honorary Doctor of Divinity.

Translation Experience: Has worked at it from time to time since 1992.

Available for Translation projects on a part-time basis on week days. Will not do translation work on Sundays. (Rev. Masanja is also a pastor and Bishop over a denomination of churches in Tanzania).

References: - available upon request.

Rates/fees: - Gervase would like to screen and evaluate your project before quoting. But generally, for simple projects of just a few pages of text, the rate is as low as .05 cents/word and as high as .10 cents per/word. But this may go higher for work that is hard to read, or has a lot of technical words that must be studied and researched first. If it is a larger project that will take several hours, then there is an hourly rate of $10/hour.

Advance Deposit - an advance deposit is required to ensure the translator will be paid. No translation work will begin without such a deposit. The amount will be determined in the evaluation for quote period.

How to Present Your Translation Work for Evaluation and Quote