Thank God in Tanzania

Christians have three main things to praise and thank God for in Tanzania; stability, church growth, and church planting is developing rapidly.

Tanzania has "Stability"

While there are many countries in Africa with political and religious instability, Tanzania has been for a number of years, like an island of peace. The groups and different religions seem to be able to get along without fighting. For this we are glad!

This stability seems to attract refugees from the other countries. Over a million of them have come already. Somehow they get absorbed into the fabric of this land.

At the same time, ministries that want to reach a number of African countries find Tanzania the best place to locate their head office and their main efforts. This too, we appreciate and are thankful to God in Tanzania!

Evangelical Church Growth

The mainline denominations, such as the Anglican, Catholics, and Lutherans, etc., have grown in our country as well as the Pentecostal denominations. In 1990 there were 2.4 million (out of 45+ million people) evangelicals, and 20 years later, in 2010 they have grown to 8 million evangelicals. We rejoice and praise and thank God in Tanzania for this openness to the gospel.

Church Planting Thrives

It is so good to see the strong desire to start new churches all over Tanzania. Many Tanzanian churches have taken responsibility for their churches and formed good working partnerships with missionaries from other countries. There is always plenty of work for everyone who wants to serve the Lord. We have a great thrust to plant new churches in the cities and in the villages, everywhere! We have seen special growth of new churches among the former animists and Muslim groups.

In fact, a resulting problem is the great need for training church leaders, pastors, and doing discipleship teaching so that new believers can be well grounded in God's Word.

flag of Tanzania