Denominational Affiliation

Founding History of PFWBC

Our church (the PMC), was begun in 1998 under the denominational affiliation and leadership of Rev. Raymond Davis, spiritual head of the American Church, of Wilmington, North Carolina, in the USA. Pastor Gervase Masanja was instrumental in beginning our first small church with 12 members.

A few years later our mother church in Wilmington, North Carolina, shut down and the leadership went to join the Pentecostal Freewill Baptist Church. This left our church something of an orphan. We have continued to have good friendship with the people who were in leadership, but we formed our own small national Church denomination in Tanzania, under the name, Pentecostal Missionary Church.

A Thumbnail Profile of PMC

Our main congregation of 150 believers is located at Kibaha, half an hour's drive from Dar es Salaam, and is our headquarters. We have 21 smaller branch or satelite churches in smaller villages and rural areas across Tanzania. Some of our church planting activities have taken us outside our borders to Mosambique, Malawi, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Kenya and Uganda.

Our main congregation has a church choir with some musical instruments and a good public address system. These are luxuries very few churches in Africa can enjoy.

We have a nursery school, operating in English.

We also run Gospel Literature Distribution (GoLD), which searches for Christian resources like Bibles, tracts, and other things like used clothing, computers, medical suppliles and humanitarian goods in general. Our Village Outreach Trust (VOT) is our humanitarian distribution network to get these things out where they are needed. We have a passion and heart for setting up micro enterprises to help our people, and the church so that we don't live in a continual "beggar" mode.

We have a vision for a leadership school of ministry, that will train workers in evangelism, pastoral work, church leadership and church planting - all in three month courses. Studies will include Bible knowledge, discipleship and missions. A denominational affliation that would help in this area of teaching our leadership would be so much appreciated!

Invitation to Negotiate

We would be open to affiliations with mission boards that would send people to work along-side us in ministries, in humanitarian aid projects, and in building financial freedom for our people.

Furthermore, if you are in business as an individual or company, and are ready to find a new place to set up a business that would hire employees at a very reasonable wage scale, or to invest your funds, there is tremendous potential in Tanzania because;

- Most of the people speak English

- Mount Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria, and the big game hunting attract tourists

- Tanzaniate and other minerals have been discovered here

- although, very poor, this country is politically more stable than the ones around us.

Please use this CONTACT FORM to reach Pastor Gervase Martin Masanja, the Founder and National Overseer of the Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church (PFWBC) in Tanzania.