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Newsletter - January - February, 2019

the PMC Newsletter for the first two months of 2019 is offered here for you to see what kind of start our church conference is to this year's ministry work. You can read it RIGHT HERE!

Newsletter - October - December 2018

The Newsletter for the last quarter of 2018 is provided here for your opportunity to see what has been accomplished in this year, and what we desire to do in 2019 as God provides funds and resources through your dear Supporters. Click here: Newsletter-Oct-Dec-2018.pdf.

Newsletter - September 2018

The Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church, Tanzania, operating under Pastor Dr. Gervase Martin Masanja, Tanzania, is growing very fast with an increase of Church members.

This is a result of holding, from time to time, open-air crusades and conferences. You may remember that our church buildings were demolished a few years ago. Later we built another big building which is now used as our headquarters, and our Local Church. This is a result of friends' efforts (friends like YOU) to finance the project. Especially, we thank, Dr. Mike Pangio, Abundant Ministries International, Rev. Date Ruso, our IFCA Missions Director, and Sister Stacy Sullivan, both from United States.


From September 6 to the 9th, 2018, we held a big Revival in Kibaha,Tanzania. We held a big Revival crusade where 3000 people attended. This was a historic crusade, for many were healed, delivered from demonic possession, and many were set free of curses. Praise the Lord, 600 confessed Jesus as their Lord and Savior. This was a crusade of redemption.

The first Sunday service we witnessed 257 as new converts, they are now attending discipleship class!

Photos of the Crusade at Bwawani Grounds in Kibaha

Hosted by Pastor Gervase Masanja, and many accepted Jesus as Saviour, including Muslims.

women in blue

people responding to the altar cal

the evangelist instructing the people

view from in the crowd

evangelists dealing with respondents

Our New Current Needs:

Pastic Chairs

We need 250 plastic chairs and each chair costs $7. So 250 chairs will be $1,750

We Cannot Afford Container Loads of Gospel Literature

For many years we have been receiving Gospel Literature Evangelism containers (shipments). These contained tracts, Bibles and Christian Books, containers with humanitarian goods. Bible and Books are for free distribution into rural villages, universities, Bible colleges and Churches.

This year we faced challenges that lead us to stop receiving containers. A new agreement between the Donor and PMC is necessary; now they must meet costs from the United States to the Dar es Salaam port, and on this side, they must pay for all related port clearing charges, and Inland Transport and Distribution. (The 20 ft containers cost $2,750, and 40 ft containers cost 3,750). Unfortunately, our ability, as a Church, to meet the said costs is too difficult.

Tanzania is one of the third-world countries where its income per day, per person, is only $1.00. Yet, Literature Evangelism in Tanzania is very powerful in bringing people to Christ. Tracts can go everywhere, where people cannot go. Tracts have power to make lost sinners come to Jesus. Therefore, this is a very important Ministry.


Our Church has another very important need for transportation. We need a Mini Bus, or suitable vehicle, that will help us to carry church members to church, and help us in Literature Evangelism. The purchasing price is $25,000.

Bible Classes and Orphanage Rooms

This is another very important project that we have shared in past Newsletters. Construction cost is $21,000 to provide for these facilities. The Bible classes will be a great benefit to pastors who have never attended Bible Colleges, and the extra rooms for orphans will give relief to the helpless orphans who need a place to live and be fed.

Our Appeal

Therefore, we appeal to our friends, our stakeholders, to contribute to this important work that has led many souls be saved. As you can see, there are four practical ways your financial help can bring to pass that many more may be saved!

If you are touched by God's Spirit to give, you may contribute any amount - just as you are able - or as the Lord prompts you.

Just to Summarize in Conclusion

We ask you to praise God with us for the results of the Crusades this summer,

Secondly, we ask your prayers for God to meet all our needs above.

Thirdly, consider that you might be one of the key ways God will use to answer these prayers.
1. 250 plastic chairs for $1750
2. a Mini Bus (vehicle) for church attenders and gospel literature distribution - at $25,000
3. 20 ft or 40 ft containers filled with Gospel literature and Bibles, costing $2,750 and $3,750 respectively.
4. Consruction costs for a Bible College and Orphanage rooms at $21,000.
5. Oh, incidentally, the Kangaza orphanage home has no beds or mattresses, nor school supplies; any amount would be greatly appreciated, if you can contribute.

If you have any questions you want answered, you may use the Contact form on this website.

If you are ready to give right now, please send your funds by mail to:
TRANSFER, PA 16154-2299 U.S.A.

PHONE: 7249621766

These kind people will forward the funds to us!