PFWBC Pastors Needing Support

Pastor Geaz Peter Mwagumbo, Pastor at Dodoma, Tanzania.

Pastor-Germanus-Jackson-Kawonga-PMC-Pastor-Mbinga-Ruvuma Pastor Germanus Jackson Kawonga, Pastor at Mbinga Ruvuma

Pastor Teddy Alophonnce, Pastor at Morogoro

We present here a number of PMC Pastors who are struggling to look after their church and their family. It can get very discouraging when there is a constant tension about where the next meal is coming from. You could make a huge difference in not just one life, but many more that are touched by each pastor. A pastor that can focus on ministry will preach better, and win souls to faith in the One True Saviour of the world, the Lord Jesus Christ. He can also counsel and teach his church members to walk in the light of the Word of God.

Pastor Gervase Masanja is the Bishop or head of the whole Pentecostal Missionary Church denomination. They have at least 13 churches, and are adding more. Because of his extra responsibilities and travels to oversee all the churches, he would appreciate a regular support of $300 each month.

The other pastors work in smaller areas and feel they could manage with $100 a month that they could count on. This covers their daily living expenses for their family, and because often they have no church building, they must pay rent for a meeting place too. Each pastor does evangelism, plants a church, and disciples believers, and pastors the members of their church.

Please look these pastors over, and ask the Lord, which one you might support on a monthly basis. Or perhaps better still - send in a certain regular amount and ask Pastor Gervase to distribute the funds to those pastors most in need.

When we have regular support pledged for one of these pastors, we will mark it under their name.

Over the next while we will try to get more information about these pastors, their work, and their needs so that you can get to know them better. We sincerely hope you will want to adopt one, and send regular support so they can focus on the ministry work more earnestly.

Pastor-Godfrey-Ndumbaro-PMC-Njombe-Tanzania Pastor Godfrey Ndumbaro, Pastor at Njombe Tanzania

Pastor Michael Omondi is a PMC Rep in Kenya
Pastor Micheal Omondi is a PMC Rep in Kenya

Pastor Titus Marwa, Pastor at Mlanddizi Kibaha

Pastor-Kangwa-Chibesa-William is a Missionary-Pastor at the PMCHeadquarters
Pastor Kangwa Chibesa William is a Missionary Pastor at the PMC Headquarters

Wenceslaus Kadhaifu, a Church Elder

Pastor Lweba, a Pastor in the D. R. of Congo