Overcoming Satan

There are two kinds of power. For overcoming Satan we must learn which one to use against him.

One kind of power is of great physical, brute force, such as we see in a tornado that sweeps through an area and takes away whole farm buildings and plows up towns and wrecks much damage. Or it is the kind of power we see in a mighty waterfall such as we see in the Niagara Falls in Canada/USA, or the Victoria Falls in Africa. Or like we might see in a big strong machine like a nuclear reactor. There is awesome physical strength in this kind of power, and most often it appears destructive.

Satan tries to use brute force on us.

The other kind of power is one of authority. A policeman with a mere whistle can stop traffic because he has the authority to do so. Another official can say to you, "By the king's command, you must come with me." You will have to obey or suffer the consequences.

Now, if God issues a decree and tells us to tell it to others, and if we obey, we are telling it to others with the force of God's authority. The intended hearer should obey, because we are speaking on the authority, and on behalf of God.

Is that power of authority then of lesser or greater power than the sheer, physical, brute force above? It is definitely greater!

Is that power of authority strong enough for overcoming Satan? Yes, it is!

While Satan may be trying to throw violent weather or vehicle accidents at us to stop us in our lives, or tormenting us with debilitating illnesses, and severe financial problems, we have the greater power of authority over him if we abide close to the Spirit of God, listen for His instructions and speak the words He tells us to speak in His name.

We can be overcoming Satan, and stop him in his tracks, or foiling his plans against us by speaking with faith, the Word of the Lord against him.

It is very important then, for overcoming Satan, that we know and believe God's Word against him, and that we take courage from the authority our Lord has invested in us, to speak those words confidently in overcoming Satan.

To each of us personally, God has said we are;

* to worship and trust Him alone

* to honour our parents

* not to murder

* or commit adultery,

* or to steal,

* nor lie about others,

* or covet what they have.

In the New Testament Jesus spoke with God's authority such messages as;

* Do not be afraid - I will be with you

* the truth will set you free; tell the truth!

* remain or abide in Him (Jesus) and His Word, (then we will bear much fruit!)

* Go into all the world and preach the gospel!

In many, if not most of the situations we find ourselves in, during our lifetime, we can apply one or more of the clear expressions of God's will in these short lists above. Knowing this, we should be able to see more clearly how Satan has been trying to interfere and thwart God's will.

What shall we do about it?

I've found that the best answer is to affirm clearly in prayer that I side with the Lord's will. I make my choice and express it openly, and aloud if at all possible. If I have yielded to Satan's temptations and lures in any way, I renounce those acts, words and decisions. Then I pray that the Lord will bind Satan and make his work on me of no effect.

Some people mock and make fun of Satan, or speak rudely to him. I'm not of that camp. Jesus never did that. A voice of authority does not have to shout or become violent. Authority just needs to be enounciated clearly and firmly. If you are thoroughly sure of God's Will, that should not be a problem. Quietly, firmly repeat God's Word on the matter, and express your faith and decision to stand on God's side of the issue. That's overcoming Satan.

If you have not been doing God's will in the matter, start right away, and verbally tell others of your change of heart and mind. Tell Satan too, if you feel he is not backing off yet. Then hold your ground. Do not give in to suggestions for compromise, or to do the wrong thing again "for old times' sake."

Very soon, You should be overcoming Satan!

But don't forget to maintain your new ground while you celebrate.