Warfare Praying

Let's look at examples of warfare praying. We know that Satan fights especially hard against three types of prayer.

1. Prayer for specific lost individuals.

2. Prayer for unity in the Body of Christ.

3. Prayer for pioneer missions, where paganism and false religions have held sway for centuries.

How shall we do our spiritual warfare praying in such situations? - Just putting on each piece of our spiritual armour every day will give us good clues.

Helmet of Salvation
To put on our helmet of salvation means we make sure of our own salvation and that we truly trust in God alone to save and transform us. We are not to waver or doubt. To thwart Satan's attempts to make you doubt your position in Christ, make a point, at the beginning of your prayer, to thank God for your salvation, and affirm aloud that you are saved by the blood Jesus Christ. That reminds both us, and Satan, whose side we are on!

Belt of Truth
Seek out the truth in each situation and pray these back to God. This confirms them in your own mind, and let's Satan know that you do not plan to be vulnerable to his lies on these points in your warfare praying.

Find verses about God's will is to save the lost. Pray those back to the Lord, and dwell on them until your spirit is convinced it is true - God WANTS to save the lost!

From Jesus' own prayer for believers in John chapter 17, we know that He desires unity in the Body of Christ. Surely we are praying in the will and name of Jesus when we ask for unity in the Church. But our warfare praying will be much more emphatic once we know that to the core of our own spirit, and we desire it so much that we will humbly give up our own rights for the sake of unity in the Body of Christ.

In the third instance, when opening up new territories for Christ, we must announce the truth of the gospel and deliberately repeat it over and over as we allow time for it to sink into the hearts and minds of those who have never heard it before. In our warfare prayers, we must reiterate Jesus' command to go preach the gospel to every creature, and fully believe that we carry the priceless treasure of eternal life to them.

Shoes of Preparation; of Peace
Of course, we must get some gospel training. Even if formal training is impossible, study how best to present the gospel to that pagan tribal area. Pray about presenting the gospel. Present it over and over. If you love your Saviour you will not tire of repeating the gospel countless times! Ask others to join you in praying for that people group as a whole and for the individuals as you get to know them. Ask God for insights in how to approach them wisely. But then, pray also against the evil princes and powers that Satan has set over those people, so that God will break Satan's hold on them.

Shield of Faith
Naturally, the Enemy is going to fight back, and fight dirty, or unfairly. Demons will be unleashed to assault you from various sides. Apparent accidents will happen, family members suddenly get sick, discouragement and doubts seem to creep in despite your strong prayers. These are the darts, or in modern terms, the gunshots, and bombs coming from the Enemy of our souls, and of God. This is when we must crouch behind our shield of faith.


By expressing our faith in God in our warfare praying. Repeat the promises of God, and work at standing in awe of His great power and authority and might, and that He is at work in answer to all your other prayers. Exert faith to believe that He will - and IS - protecting you, and He will surely avenge you too, when necessary. Hold onto God with all your might!

Use the Word!
Now you must also go on the offensive - with your one weapon, the Word of God. Find Scriptures that burn in your spirit over these matters and repeat them often. Believe them. Do them. With some time and experience at this, you will find that you can do all these things at once in your warfare praying; claiming your salvation, believing the related truths from the Bible, preparing for service, and protecting yourself, family and co-workers by faith.