Beyond the Will of God?

Is it possible to pray in faith for something that is beyond the will of God?

"For it is impossible for a believer to exercise faith for something that is beyond the scope of the will of God. If faith is the gift of God, and it is, He will not give it to someone in order to encourage him to do something contrary to His will."

J.O. Saunders in Prayer Power Unlimited

J. O. Saunders says that God does not provide the faith to believe God for something outside, or beyond the will of God. But I think it is possible to convince ourselves it is His will and to press on in prayer without the anointing and power of God. To my shame I have done it myself, and you may know someone who has too.

However, if God gives us the faith - perhaps to our own surprise - so that we are sure it is His will and He will do it, then of course, we want to prayer in earnest obedience for that very thing to be accomplished.

We must acknowledge that God knows what He is doing. He has perfect plans, even if we do not see or understand them at this point, so we can safely pray for His will to be done, even if we don't know what it is. Any time we think we have God's plan and agenda all figured out and know as much as He does, we are in great danger of prideful sin. Instead, let is worship and trust Him to be our Great God.

What else is faith for but to trust God blindly, even when we don't know what He will do next? We don't want to pray beyond the will of God, but we want to pray His will to be done - no matter what it is!

Many praying Christian saints have testified that they clung to the Lord, and prayed for His will, even when they didn't know it, it had some of the following benefits to them;

He made His presence known,
God drew them closer
they gained insights into His Word
they were taught new spiritual dimensions
and, new character traits were formed.

A new believer might find it scary to pray for God's will, not having a clue as to what God may do. That is due to not knowing yet how safe it is to trust our Heavenly Father-God. Yes, even when He leads us through dark shadowy places.

Again, it is safe to throw ourselves with utter abandon to - and beyond the will of God as we know it. We can pray specifically and submissively for His will - whatever that is, and we will be rewarded with greater intimacy and increased faith. Perhaps even gems of truth and knowledge that we could never have imagined on our own!