Church Events in 2012

We are looking forward to a year of challenges and successes as we are planning these events:

Conference for Church Leaders
& an Open-Air Crusade

We plan a conference for church leaders, in conjunction with an open air crusade right here at Kibaha, Tanzania. The conference will start on March 26, and run to April 1, 2012. During this conference we will offer morning seminars, and open air crusade meetings in the evenings. Pastor Gervase Masanja and the Apostle Henry Zaake from Kampala, Uganda, will be the speakers. A good revival and harvest is expected.

April Night Vigils

In mid April, Global Minister Ricardo Kok from the Netherlands will conduct Night Vigil meetings.They will cover mainly the following;

  • Prayer and intercession
  • Praise and worship
  • House to house/face to face Evangelism
  • Witnessing will be done in the afternoons
  • Gospel literature will be distributed in schools,hospitals, bus stands, prisons, etc.

We will visit and encourage orphans, street children and the other disadvantaged. We intend to share the Gospel with them, and hope that many will come to believe on Christ and recieve Him.

July - Pastors and Church Leaders Seminars

Missionary Richard Green from the USA will visit Tanzania in July 2012. During his stay, he will conduct Pastors' and Church Leaders' Seminars at PMC Kibaha, our headquarters.

August - Pastors' Conference
& Ordinations

Rev. Dr. Mike Pangio of Abundant Ministry from the USA will conduct a Pastors' Conference at our PMC Headquarters from 15 August to the 22 This General Conference is held once every three years. At this time ministers serving as pastors, but not previously ordained will be ordained.

Additonally, the Rev. Dr. Mike Pangio, who has donated various equipment and training materials for the PMC School of Ministry, will officiate at the inaugration ceremony of the School.

Our School of Ministry will focus on the training needs of our pastors and other church leaders.