Church Projects in 2013

The Pentecostal Missionary Church in Tanzania had some exciting new Church projects in 2013.

Catch Our Vision - for a Mission Head Office

The Pentecostal Missionary Church has set up a NEW Budget to accommodate some new directions this church is taking. In the summer of 2013, some North American visitors gave a large sum to allow the PMC to pay for the new property that was necesitated by the government expropriating their former land for a new highway. Now Pastor Gervase and the church leaders are ready to move on to the ministry projects that they have dreamed of so long.

Office Spaces for Rent

On the new property is a business building that they are using for church services now. But they want to construct five more rooms to rent out as office spaces. That rental money will then help meet the church's basic operating budget so they can become self-supporting.

Instructions for Sending Support

Please & Thank you

Pastor Gervase thanks all those who supported and assisted the PMC Church in the past. He also welcomes any and all gifts towards these special building and evangelism projects this year.