Progress on Projects

Friends, here's aNEW donation page for our Church's $50,000 building project! Please donate!

Pastor Gervase Masanja has a passion for his people, and the many needy Tanzanians around them. In his longing to help them, he often comes up with plans and projects to help them. But of course - he does not have the financial resources, and the church is very poor, with members that are for the most part quite desitute.

There are times those far away and in another lifestyle might grow weary of Christian brothers and sisters who seem to be always in need, and always with a hand out. Jesus did say, "The poor are always with you."

It is necessary then, for those with more of this world's goods, to pay close attention to the projects presented here on this website, and with the help of the Holy Spirit discern which projects are most lilkely to be in line with God's plan for these brothers and sisters of ours, and whether it would be wise and right to share with them. Then, to give as God's Spirit prompts us.

Sometimes you might find your heart leaping up with a desire to help with a project that will win and disciple more people to become believers in Jesus Christ. Sometimes you might sense that a different project is going to make at least some of the people in Pastor Gervase's charge and sphere of influence. It may just make them more self-sufficient so that they will not have to be constantly begging for help. That would be a great thing, wouldn't it?

Jesus, when He was on earth, often touched people so they could be well, and strong and able to support their own families. He once stopped a funeral procession to raise the dead young man to life, so he could care for his widowed mother. He fed the people on the hillside.Jesus never turned away those that came to Him for healing and new life.

You are invited to send funds for a specific project, or love gifts without strings attached at any time. And if you should wish to set up a regular monthly gift, we would be glad to arrange for that too!

Pastor Gervase and the Pentecostall Missionary Church wants to show appreciation for your gifts, and with the help of their Authorized Agent, Ruth Friesen in Canada, has a plan to do this.

November Update!

It has been a trying year, but now, towards the end, the foundation of the Masanja's own home is laid and bricks are being burned to build their home! There will still be the cost of the timber/wood parts, the doors, and fixtures, which are now projected to cost $2,500, but they hope that by March they may finally have a place of their own.

Ah, and then another email comes from Pastor Gervase, to say that the workmen want to be paid and more bricks need to be bought. He needs $450 this week so the work will not halt. Please! Are YOU able to help? Would you send a gift of money as soon as possible?

If the work can continue unhindered, they might have the house finished in January!

December Miracle!

Dec. 6: Pastor Gervase received a translation job which paid 100 Euro. That allowed him to pay what was owing to the workmen and he was able to purchase more bricks so the work on their home can continue. Please rejoice with us that God is at work in this whole matter!

Do continue to pray for continued funds and provisions so the house will be completed by January. Also, that the rent can be paid up on the house where they live at present.

Ruth designs and prints lovely, posters with a Bible verse on them. They are printed on good quality glossy photo paper, and are 11 x 8.5" in size. These are suitable as posters or as fine pictures when framed. She is prepared to send such a picture to you - anywhere in the world - for any donation of $100 (US $) or more that you send for the Pentecostal Missionary Church via Ruth's PayPal account. The poster will be sent to you from Canada.

Note: the reason we have to do this is because PayPal does not allow Tanzanian residents to "receive" money via PayPal yet at this point. We have known Ruth for a number of years and trust her completely to forward the funds to us as pre-arranged.

Other Ways to Send Donations

There are other ways to send donations, but they have their drawbacks.

International Postal Mail

The postal system is quite unreliable, and Pastor Gervase does not recommend it, as it is commonly expected there, that postal workers steal from the mail. That may not always be true, but it is a risk.

Direct Bank Deposit

You could make a direct deposit into his bank account, but that proves to be very expensive internationally. Some banks discourage it completely.

This direct deposit method works for some. Use with care.

(3 ) A direct bank deposit into our account (then notify us by using the contact form);
Citibank House 336 Strand
Account Number 5516323

Western Union & MoneyGram

Western Union and MoneyGram, charge a fee. (About $8 - $15, depending on the amount being sent. To use either of these methods, you will need the following detaiils:

Intended Recipient: Gervase M. Masanja
Country: Tanzania
City: Dar Es Salaam
Address: P.O. Box 9848, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Indicate Currency ______ Amount _____

Then, of course, you will need to enter your own name and address. When you have completed the sending, you will have a receipt with a Control number (Reference). You will need to email Pastor Gervase to tell him this, and your name and address, and the amount and currency, so that he can go to the nearest Western Union (or MoneyGram) office to claim it. Use this Contact Form to inform Pastor Gervase of the gift you are sending this way.