Volunteers Welcome

Volunteers are welcome, as are teams of short term missionaries, who wish to come help us with a building project or outreach.

Some of our PMC workers

From time to time, people who visit this website write to us and ask if they may come in person to volunteer their time to help us with our ministry. Sometimes people have the wrong motives, but for the most part, we are very blessed when Christians brothers and sisters come from America, or Australia, or from Europe, and work alongside of us for a while. This usually gives us NEW lifetime friends! Our ministry expands and grows too!

Our new friends go home transformed and tell others about our needs. That multiplies the blessings again.

If you have ever organized a mission thrust with guests from another country, you know that it is some work and effort, and quite time-conuming, but we are willing to host sincere and willing workers for the Lord. We do it because we know our own church members will grow and thrive, and more individual and families will be brought to faith in Jesus Christ.

What kind of volunteers would we welcome the most? What would your short-term mission volunteers do?

We Welcome Gospel Distributors and Witnesses

We would take you along to help distribute gospel literature and share your Christian witness in the villages, going from house to house.

We Welcome Campus Ministries

University or Bible College students, and ordinary volunteers, would be involved in our campus ministry, taking the gospel to schools and colleges.

We Welcome Medical Professionals

Volunteers with some medical skills and training would be taken to various villages (where we have churches), and rural and urban communities.There health clinics and training in better health practices would be combined with the presentation of the gospel.

We Welcome Church Planters

Suitable volunteers would be taken to areas where we would plant a church, or help a pastor with a new young church plant to become better establsihed.

We Welcome the Merciful and Childrens' Ministry Volunteers

Pastor Helen with some children

Volunteers with a special interest in children, or a gift of mercy, would be taken to minister to orphans and street children, and also to visit in hospitals, and always to share the gospel. We never know when these dear souls may die, and we would like them to go to Jesus. If you can help us put on a week's program for teaching Bible lessons, to adults and children, sometimes known as Vacation Bible School (VBS) in North America, we would be especially grateful.

We Welcome Volunteers with Business/Administrative Skills

Another type of volunteer we really need is the kind that has some business administration skills and could spend some time helping to set up small businesses for our poor people so that they could become self-supporting - well, more than that. They would support their family and other extended family members who are often orphaned and homeless. Our people are creative and can learn to do many good things with their hands, but they need someone to show them how to run their own cottage industry and set up ways to sell their products.

Expenses and Billetting

Miriam and Gervase Masanja

We cannot pay your expenses to come to us. For individuals who come alone, we will do our best to find you billeting among our church people, but these will be very humlble accommodations. If you are used to things like air-conditioning, you may wish to plan on staying at a hotel at your own expense.

Our people are very poor. We have just learned with one group of volunteers that came, that they wanted American food. It put us deeply into debt to feed them each day. So we ask that you be prepared to pay at least $15 per person per day for food.

Many tourists come to Tanzania to see our beautiful country, but our people at the Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church are not rich tourist hosts. If you come to help us, you must also come prepared to pay your living expenses, otherwise we must decline your help.

If your intention is to run a big crusade and draw funds from our people, we will discourage you. It is not fair that you come to fleece the sheep in our fold. We would much rather see people with a humble spirit who come to show love by working along side of us. We will learn much more Biblical doctrine from such people!

To Start Making Arrangements

To contact us and begin email correspondence about your short-term missions trip, please write to Pastor Gervase Masanja using the contact form on this site. To speed things along, try to be thorough in explaining who you are, (give references so we can check you out - we had not got time for scams!), and if you represent a group of volunteers tell us more about them Tell us what kind of volunteering you are prepared to do, and for how long you would stay. Keep in mind that others may have chosen the same time, so we will ask you to change your time of ministry.

Above all we want to saturate every mission venture and evangelistic opportunity with prayer! Please begin praying right now!

Are you ready to write to Pastor Gervase Masanja?