Organize Discipleship
Training Seminars


Evangelistic Crusades are popular in Tanzania. Every church wants to have a bigger, better one than the others, with colourful tents and big public address systems and fervent speakers. But that creates vast numbers of shallow Christians who do not know how to live effective, fruitful lives for Christ, based in strong Christian disciplines, and grounded in sound Bible knowledge. Speakers on the USA circuits often contact Pastor Gervase, wanting to conduct a crusade for him. Their motives are often selfish though, and they hope to raise funds for their own ministry on the backs of his already very poor congregations. Instead, - I am suggesting Discipleship training seminars that will ground the people in God's Word, and give practical training in Christian living. These seminars could become the new rage.

Volunteers' Work:

Sound Bible teachers, willing to come at their own expense would offer to teach in a seminar that might be set up in a tent or public venue to draw a good crowd and hold them for the series whether a weekend or a whole week. The volunteers would teach as simply as possible, and be prepared to do some counseling and speaking to individuals before and after sessions.

Type of Volunteers Needed:

Doctrinally sound, strong Bible teachers who can speak simply in plain English, and in a winsome way, and do some extra counseling and advising would be most preferred.

Number of Volunteers Needed:

Perhaps just one or two at a time, and future projects would depend on how well the first ones go.

We understand that some teachers bring a “support team” with them, but this would be at their own expense.

Time Factor:

Most seminars would be just a weekend or a week long. We would understand if the volunteer team would like to do a little tourist-like visiting before they return home.

Preparation Work for PMC to do:

Arrangements would be made for a venue, or place to have the seminar, and to see that it is well publicized in advance. Also to seek out some options for accommodations for the volunteers.