Project Administrators


Visionaries need good administrators who can carry out of the visions in the various projects.

A long-term volunteer or two who can stay six months to a year, and see to the details of the periods when volunteers come to work on the different projects. The goal however, would be to have these administrative people stay longer and over see the continued work that the volunteers have set up to ensure that the projects carry on indefinitely.

Volunteer's Work:

Ideally, this administrator would be on the scene before all the volunteers for the other projects arrive in Tanzania to become familiar with the plans, and help make the required arrangements in each case. This person would keep tabs on the progress in each project and any changes in needs or plans, as well as watch out for personality conflicts, and try to resolve them. It would be especially good if this person could model delegating of work, and team efforts. These skills can work miracles!

Again, mentoring someone else to take over the work would be ideal.

Type of Volunteers Needed:

Experienced administrative persons with patience and good people-skills. Resourcefulness would also be a great asset, as well as follow-through and thoroughness.

Number of Volunteers:

Just one or two for a start. More might be required later. If the spouse of the administrator were a good fund-raiser, that would be a match made in Heaven!

Time Factor:

Six months to a year for a good start. Perhaps longer-term for the right person.

Preparation Work for PMC to do:

Find office space and accommodation for the administrator(s), and be prepared to explain the projects and all the details with the ones in the works.