Setting up Training Courses
and/or Micro Enterprises:
Secretarial Services


To train and prepare local individuals in basic office skills, and how to run their own secretarial services micro-business. Ideally, it would be best if the volunteer helps them set up and begin, because there are always delays and unexpected surprises when starting a business.

Volunteers' Work:

If only typewriters are provided, you will be giving basic typing lessons. If computers are provided you will teach keyboarding, but also things on the computer like emails, document set-up, filing, backing up, and so on. Since there is to be a business, bookkeeping needs to be set up, business stationery, logos, business cards, invoices, and so on.

Type of Volunteer needed:

Individuals who have some experience and history in secretarial work and also in running a small business or home office.

Number of Volunteers:

There is room for a number of such 'secretarial skills' teachers and mentors. The exact number may depend on the office space and equipment available. This could be done by one or two volunteers coming alone.

Time Factor:

At least a month for each course and mentorship.

Cost Factor:

Keep in mind that the people of this church are extremely poor. While their hearts are filled with glad generosity, you will need to be prepared to cover all costs for your travel and accommodations and food. If they can manage it your hosts will try to provide for you to the best of their ability.

Preparation Work for PMC to do:

Prepare office space and equipment (computers are preferable to typewriters) for the course-teaching
Line up the students who would be suitable to take this training.
Get accommodations, and meal arrangements for the volunteers coming.