PFWBC Ministries

PFWBC is the Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church (denomination) of Tanzania:
O Reaching rural villages and un-reached peoples with the gospel of Jesus Christ
O Discipling new converts with sound, Biblical doctrines through native pastors and literature distribution.
O Planting churches and equipping the saints to reach their neighbors and stand strong for Jesus Christ.
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We have a NEW Report UP! Pentecostal Free Will Baptist's Plans and Strategic Objectives for 2022 are published now for your information and invitation to get involved!

The Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church is located at Maili Moja Kibaha, about 3O Km (Morogoro road highway) from the Tanzania city centre, Dar Es Salaam. Kibaha is a District in the Coast region too. It has at least 13 smaller rural churches now as part of the denomination.

Tanzania on a map of East Africa

This District, Kibaha, needs the gospel, Historically, this area has many Moslem residents of Kibaha, who previously knew nothing about Jesus Christ. Inl I973 the first pastor from an Assemblies of God church started witnessing, preaching and planted a church at Kibaha. Over the past twenty years, many more denominations have come here to plant churches. Even so, it is still difficult for residents to respond by accepting Jesus.

Because Kibaha is outside of a city proper, one would think we would never receive big name international preachers. In the last few years we have had quite a number of north American itinerant evangelists and preachers offer to come minister in our midst. At first that sounds very flattering! We think, "Sure! Let 'em come! Now we'll be blessed!"

But we are learning to be more discerning. Too often they want to come for their own prideful reasons.

We do desire help for our people. The gospel must be preached! The people in our churches need to be taught God's word so that they may walk in the light of it.

However, we are hampered by our poverty at every turn. The Mosems have the wealth and have established their Center for studies, they have Kindergarten to High schools, and are planning a university. Our Christian children are registering there to get their education - and of course, they are taught to reject Christ Jesus, our Lord.

Pastor Gervase Martin Masanja and his wife Miriam

This site aims to give you a true picture of our situation, our needs, and what we have to offer those who wish to become our friends and stand with us as we lift a flag, a standard, for the Captain of our Salvation, Jesus Christ.

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Download our brochure with Pastor Gervase Masanja's Dreams and Visions. Now here is this year's update and status on the church's building project.

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You will discover more about our struggling Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church, with invitations to partner with us. In return we'll offer you what humble gifts we are able to offer.

You will learn more about Tanzania and Dar es Salaam, and be invited to visit us!

If you need some documents or books translated into or from Swahili, you'll find our multi-faceted Gervase Masanja at your service.

You can meet our young people waiting for scholarships and grants to go to school and become their educational patron.

We also offer a number of articles on prayer and how to pray effectively as you bring your prayer requests before the Lord God in Heaven.