Malehe Micro Enterprise Women

Meet the Malehe Micro Enterprise Women. There are about 80 women who meet once a month. Each momth they pay 400,000 Tanzanian shillings into the group. Then, when anyone has a need, she may request a loan, by writing a letter requesting it. If approved, this woman gets 180,000 Tz shillings. In this way many of the women have already paid fees for their children to go to school, and some have purchased land for building a proper home.

You agree that we need more women's groups like this, don't we?

Pastor Gervase and his wife, Miriam, with the Malehe Micro Enterprise women
Pastor Gervase and Miriam Masanja with this Malehe Micro Enterprise Women's Group

Malehe Women Entrepreneurs Project

Another view of the women in this group - with Pastor Gervase.


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