PFWBC Ministries Projects
for Volunteers

Knowing that there are people willing to volunteer, we have prepared PMC Ministries Projects for Volunteers - to show just what kind of projects we really see volunteers contributing well to our church life and people. We can think of more, but want to offer these projects for this year, and make adjustments as we see necessary.

Project Administrators

Set up an Internet Cafe

Church Planting

Simple Christian Literacy Schools

Gospel Literature Distribution (GoLD) as a Christian Publisher

Fund-raiser for PMC

Organize Discipleship Training Seminars

Setting up Training Courses and/or Micro Enterprises:


Secretarial Services

Longer Term Missionaries Needed

Besides the many openings for short-termers to help us for a few weeks or months, we would very much appreciate some missionaries willing to invest a longer term. Especially on the church planting and literature distribution projects, to develop some momentum and stronger results - we would like to see a missionary or two, perhaps a couple, come and stay for two to five years. Missionaries from North and South America, the Carribean and Scandinavian countries are encouraged to apply. Let's see what we can work out!

You can reach Pastor Gervase Masanja HERE