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Container Delivery Service

Gervase Martin Masanja is offering a Container Delivery Service, and is available to be your Clearing Agent and Delivery Escort in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, or for nearby countries like Malawi and Zambia, or D. R. Congo, for your next shipping container destined to arrive in this city. You may be shipping for business purposes or to deliver humanitarian aid from your non-profit mission or ministry. This includes Christian missionaries who are moving here to set up their ministries in Tanzania or surrounding countries.

When a container arrives in the port of Dar Es Salaam, there is the official documentation to take through to the right port authorities, and the correct duty, port charges and other charges to be paid. Pastor Gervase can be your Clearing Agent on your behalf. Once your container has cleared the port, he will Escort it to it's destination.

Container Delivery Service and Fees

Services: Clearing Agent for documentation and fees to proper port authorities,
Escort container's delivery to destination.

Fees: $2,000 USD for a 20 foot container
$2,800 USD for a 40 foot container.

Shippers responsibilities;
Shipping costs from point of shipment
Notify Gervase Masanja of the container's expected arrival date
Provide him with the shipping and delivery fees in advance,
Pay his basic fees for services.

Reach Pastor Gervase Masanja via this form.

Experience Counts

Pastor Masanja receives one or two containers each month for his Church Literature and Bible Distribution. Since 2000 Pastor Masanja has been working, receving and escorting containers from the Port to Kibaha Depot and to upcountry locations.

When you do not have someone who knows how to move through these stages at the port of entry, it can happen that the container sits on the docks for many months, even years, and in extreme cases the contents go to waste and are never delivered. You don't want that to happen!

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