Will You Help Us?

Pastor Gervase Masanja

Dear Friends in Faith, I give you warm greetings from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Our church is very young, and we are seeking brothers and sisters who will join their faith with ours, to see all of Tanzania reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We would like to have faith friends who can come and visit us, who will pray for us, and support our efforts.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Pastor Gervase Martin Masanja

Help Us Help Our Pastors

The mission of the Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church (PFWBC) and Gospel Literature Distribution (GoLD), is to plant churches and evangelize all over Tanzania and then surrounding countries. They now have 43 branch churches in many parts of their country, and also in the neighbour countries of Malawi, Mozambique, Congo, and Rwanda. But very often these pastors assigned to these smaller new churches struggle to keep alive themselves - even more so if they have a wife and children.

Just $100 a month would be a huge boost to them, and cover very basic costs, so they can focus on the ministry at hand. Would you be able to commit to faithfully sending $100 a month to keep one pastor alive and motivated to evangelize and disciple the people in his church? It would be such a tremendous blessing, and would bear much spiritual fruit!

You may even choose the pastor by name, whom you would like to support regularly, from this page showing our pastors needing support/

One day, if you help in this way, you will meet people in Heaven, who would be there because of your generous and faithful giving!

Our Special Needs:

Download our newest brochure with Pastor Gervase Masanja's Dreams and Visions. Now here is this year's update and status on the church's building project.

Friends, here's a NEW donation page for our Church's $50,000 building project! Please donate!

Financial Support for Gospel Literature Distribution - gospel tracts are hungrily received here - whenever we have some to give out.

Books and Bibles for our Discipleship - many people cannot afford these on their own.

Lending Library - how much this would be used! Our people are starved for reading materials!

Printing books and tracts in Swahili - we would so much like an industrial strength office printer so we can produce more tracts and booklets as we are able

Church Building Funds - we always have congregations renting pathetic buildings until evicted, or meeting in the open. We need to build more churches

Funds to sponsor our national pastors and evangelists and their families - so they can focus on church work

Prayer Warriors - to cover all aspects of our ministry! Oh how we need godly, knowledgable people to pray for us!

Micro loans and Business People to either hire our people, or mentor them to become business owners and self-supporting.

To Invest in Our Ministry, and Touch Our Nation for Jesus Christ you may contact us by using one of the methods on our Support page.

If you first need some questions answered, please use our Reach Us form

You can send shipments of clothes, Bibles, Gospel tracts and Literature, etc. We happy to receive all kinds of gifts and to distribute them. Please contact us first for the address to use.