We first heard of this special Basic Utility Vehicle several years ago. It was out of our reach financially, but we have not forgotten what blessing this would be. Now we discover that they are being assembled right in Tanzania at Arusha! (See the above video).

A BUV would greatly enhance and help us spread out our Literature Evangelism Ministry! This is our first idea and goal.

A BUV could transport evangelists and materials, such as Bibles, books, tracts, etc., to the villages that are hard to reach by any other way than on foot - which is normally a challenge for even the hale and hearty.

A BUV could be used to take teams for Church Planting ventures to those hard to reach places!

A BUV can take along light public address systems for crusades where we expect crowds.

A BUV would allow us to train and encourage our 65 PMC congregations across our country.

A BUV would be great for distributing clothing and food to our orphans and disabled people!

You cannot imagine how excited we get when we see the photos and videos of this BUV. The hours of walking it could save us! The distance to Dar es Salaam, our nearest city, is 650 km. It would certainly ease those trips. But it is built to drive in rugged terrains, where other vehicles cannot go, so we would use it a lot every day! Hiring a regular truck is just too expensive - way out of our budget, but we could keep one BUV quite busy, saving lots of money we can't afford. However, we could also charge a small fee for extra passengers - when we have room - and thus obtain funds for the diesel fuel that is needed to run the BUV.

The regular cost of a BUV is about $4000, and we can come up with $1,500 - BUT, we need to ask for help to raise enough to purchase one of these vehicles for our PMC ministry. Are you willing and able to help us out?

More Information

If you need more information before you decide, here is a most helpful link; www.driveBUV.org - is the site of the man, Will Austin, who designed this vehicle especially for people like us! If you explore this site you will find quite a lot of information and videos.

Here is another video about the non-profit organization that Will Austin started to help get the BUV to the people who most need it.

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