Plans and Strategic Objectives
for 2022



Firstly it is my pleasure to take this opportunity to thank all our friends, stake holders and donors who encouraged us through their moral, material and financial support. This enabled us to reach the current achievement for the year 2021, which would have been very difficult to realize, without their assistance.

Achievements for 2021

We faced different challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected our financial donors from abroad; due to lock downs affecting almost everything, including world economy. Yet the 2021 has had remarkable historical changes for our church as follows:-

Change of Name

The Pentecostal Missionary Church (PMC) officially joined the Pentecostal Free Will Baptist (PFWB), hence it has been registered as the ministry in Tanzania. This move was awaited for many years.

New Churches Planted 2021

The PFWB planted 8 new Churches:
(i) Bukoba (Kagera)
(ii) Same (Kilimanjaro)
(iii) Shembekiza - Lushoto (Tanga)
(iv) KibahaKwa Mathias (Coast)
(v) Misufini - Mlandizi (Coast),
(vi) KibahaPichayandege (Coast)
(vii) Mihogoni (Tabora) and
(viii) Kiwalani - Ilala (Dar es Salaam).

The overall membership of our ministry has increased. The new members are under discipleship training.

PFWB National Annual General Conference 2021

May the Lord the glorified for this event which was held successfully. About 120 pastors from upcountry regions attended, and 10 ministers from our foreign missions Churches in Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Twelve (12) serving ministers were under pastoral and Bible teaching at the PMC School of Ministry. They graduated with Certificates and Diploma Awards. The graduation ceremony was held during the National Annual General Conference.

Ordination of New Ministers

The Church ordained seven (7) new ministers for the Ministry of the Word in different locations; this has added to the ministerial labor force of our church; and are expected to bring more people for the Lord.

Evening Gospel Crusade Campaigns

During the National General Conference which were held in the morning, there were also Mass Crusade services held in the evenings, outside. Many people heard the gospel messages and souls were harvested into faith.

House to House Evangelism

The church members conducted witnessing house-to-house and person-to-person. Many who heard the gospel believed in Jesus Christ and received Him as LORD and Savior; were baptized and are now attending at Church.

Up - Country Visits

The Bishop travelled to motivate, encourage and strengthen the orphans in our orphanage centers as follows:-
(i) Sofu (Kibaha)
(ii) Tabora
(iii) Kahama
(iv) Tarime
(v) Buseresere (Geita)
(vi) Muleba (Kagura) and
(vii) Lushoto (Tanga).

Strategic Plans for 2022

While we pray to God for provisions we also invite our friends, donor agencies, charitable friends, organizations and stakeholders to support our ministry for the following:
(i) To complete the Sanctuary headquarters (Kibaha)
*Extension of church building.
* Painting
* Laying of floor tiles
* Installation of ceiling tans.

(ii) Construction of offices for the Bishop, and pastoral assistants, evangelists etc.

(iii) Construction of the Prayer House (Power) House

(iv) Building a Warehouse - storage for books, tracts and any donated goods for humanitarian aid and to house also the Gospel Distribution Centre; a Literature Ministry of our Church.

(v) Construction of the buildings for the School of Ministry
* Classrooms and offices
* Hostel rooms

(vi) Completion of construction of the Kangaza Orphanage Centre in Bukoba.

(vii) Purchase of Public Address System (for Gospel Campaign crusades)

(viii) Purchase of and Installation of FM Radio Station Equipment
* This is intended to broadcast to a wider audience as a tool for mass communication

Purchase of Vehicles

A Toyota Probox - Saloon for the ministerial duties

A 5 ton - pickup for helping in the distribution of donated humanitarian goods, Bible, tracts, etc. Currently we have a Toyota Noah Van which is not enough for all the above activities

Purchase of 100 Bicycles for ministers in the rural (villages) and other needy pastors

Support of Ministers

There are 50 pastors serving in poor villages. We request your kind support each of them with at least $ 75 monthly. This support is for at least the first three years, after which, it is expected that their local churches will be able to support them through their tithes and offerings.

Travelling Costs Local and Abroad

LOCALLY - It is expected that the Bishop will travel to up - country regions to teach, encourage, motivate and follow up of ministry work being done in different places.


The Bishop will travel to the United States of America, Malawi, Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In these countries there are PFWB Churches planted in past, and whose minister attended the National Annual General Conference 2021. He is to visit the churches as Bishop/Overseer.

Construction of New Church Buildings

The people most respondent to the gospel are in the up country regions. However, there are churches in which the worship services are conducted in primitive houses thatched with grass and in trees, we request support to build baked brick walls and galvanized iron sheets for roofing in the following locations:
* Babati $ 10.000
* Same $ 7,000
* Songwe - $ 12,000
* Masasi $ 8, 500
* Lushoto - $ 15,000
* Umalila - $ 15,000
* Mbinga - $ 15,000
* Kiwalani - $ 15,000
* Kibaha $ 20,000

Purchase of Plots for Construction of Churches

(1) Kibaha $ 15,000
(2) Songwe $ 7,500

National Annual General Conference 2022

Tthe PFWB holds its meeting in September of each year:
The following costs are anticipated for covering two weeks (14 days):
1. Accommodation (150 pastors)
2. Food (150 pastors)
3. Printing of Seminar Invitations
Materials / Hand outs
4. Transport charges of Seminar Tutors
5. Advertisement (for the Gospel Crusades in the Evenings):
(i) Radio
(ii) Newspapers
(iii) Television
(iv) Social Media
(v) Printed Hand bills
(vi) Printed Posters

6. Accommodation of Seminar Tutors =
7. Overhead Administrative costs =

APPEAL:To those who are touched, we kindly ask you to communicate with us through our Contact Form, Or Watsapp No +255 754 590 926, if you need more in detailed information we can send it to you upon your request. Among all the above mentioned needs of the Church plans for next year, you may select any of them to support. It is our sincere hope that, you will pray, share and consider supporting. On our side also we are working hard to pray and raise funds for the same Projects.