Current PMC Prayer Requests

We have prayer requests, and we are fairly sure you might have some to share too. (We are working on a plan to help you with your prayer requests).

At present we are recruiting prayer warriors to pray regularly for the special requests on this page.

You may begin to pray for our special prayer requests right away. Thank you so much!

Here again are the prayer requests in a short point form, and if you should like a pre-written prayer to use, feel free to copy and use the prayers below.

Current PMC Prayer Request - for June 12, 2012

Busyness keeps me from updating here more often, but we do have a fresh concern or two to share with you if you are willing to pray for our PMC burdens.

Pastor Gervase is preparing for the National Conference to take place August 8 - 19, 2012, and needs several big needs met;

a). $5,000 for our National Conference 2012, for 400 delegates from Tanzanian branches of the PMC.

b). All the arrangements for outside, accommodation, meals, a PA system hiring, posters, flyers and advertising.

c). For many to come to Jesus during this National Conference. (the public is expected to attend too).

Besides the above, Pastor Gervase requests prayer for his mother who has trouble breathing - asthma problems. Pray for her healing, please.

Current PMC Prayer Request - for October 18, 2011

Gervase and Mariam Masanja don't mention them very often but they have taken on two orphans as foster children in their own home. That's besides their own two daughters.

15 minutes after Lucy George was born in 1997, her natural mother died from severe blood loss. Lucy had no one to look after her, so Mariam brought her home. She is now in Form One in a Boarding Secondary school. They did some fund-raising in church and raised enough for the first two terms. Lucy's last term of the year is still up in the air. (That's about $235 US)

John Richard Sanga is another orphan they took into their home. He is a church member and has finished primary school, but no funds are available for his secondary education. He had an interview at Filbert Bay Secondary School, and was accepted to start next year. It is an International School (English Medium), with only two terms, but each term is 900,000 Tz shs, which is about $530, plus uniforms and school supplies.

Pastor Gervase has asked me to present an appeal on behalf of these two very bright young people. They desperately need sponsors so they can start school in January when the new school year starts.

What do you think? Would the Lord want you to help? Are you willing to pray about it?

Current PMC Prayer Request - for October 4, 2011

Pastor Gervase and the PMC church is open to joining a denomination that would take them under their wing and help out financially. You will find more about it on this page; Denominational Affiliation. Please pray that God will clearly guide if this is His will, and that the Lord should work out all the details.

Current PMC Prayer Request # 1 PRAY RIGHT THROUGH 2011!

A finished home on their property. A home to end rental problems and a place to have guests, run a small convenience shop, and a Power/Prayer house for Pastor Gervase to use for ministry.

A Prayer you may use

Prayer for a Blessed Family Home for Ministry

Lord God, our Father in Heaven, see Your servants, Gervase and Mariam Masanja and their need for a steady, rent-free home so they can minister to their family and guests, and for Your glory. I believe this is Your will, Father, and it is in Your power to grant this request this year - or, the sooner the better. So Father, I ask for this home in Jesus' name, please.

Thank You, Lord. I praise You for it in faith now, and will praise You again, when I hear that the home is completed as planned.

Current PMC Prayer Request # 2

Funds for the car or vehicles they need, and for God's wisdom in providing exactly the right one or ones as needed.

A Prayer you may use

Prayer for Vehicles

Oh Lord God, King of Heaven and earth, You have said in Your Word, that the servants should have all the resources they need out of the King's treasury for the work assigned to them. Pastor Gervase needs a car or van to do his ministry and to drive guests around. They also need a mini-bus or truck for larger ministry projects. Hiring others with vehicles seems foolish compared to the need, but You know best. We believe that You can GIVE exactly the right vehicles at the right time, and provide resources for the fuel as well. Oh King, please provide for Your servants and right on time!

I receive these gifts from Your Treasury in Jesus' name, who promised that if we asked believing, we should receive, so Thank You, O Lord and King of all of us Believers, and of all You have made! Amen.