The Dreams and Visions

of Pastor Gervase M. Masanja, Tanzania, shared with the hope that you will CATCH these Visions and become partners in bringing them to pass! -- This is how the new brochure begins, which sums up the heart of Pastor Gervase in the last monthis of this year. This would supercede the information below which was presented at the beginning of the year. The earlier information is not cancelled, but rather expanded and summarized.

Please open, or download and print this PDF file; 2012 Dreams and Visions

Feel free to print copies to distribute to friends who may be interested or would be willing to help.

From earlier in 2011

2012 Fund-raising Projects

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Over the last six years, the Pentecostal Missionary Church had been blessed with visits from preachers, both local and foreign. They come to preach and hold conferences and crusades. Sometimes we use our PMC church hall, and sometimes we set up as open air public meetings. We are happy to report that many of our Tanzanian people have come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

However, repeatedly we have run into a problem; the cost of renting a Public Address (PA) system. As the crowds which attend increase, we see a great need to have our own PA system. It may seem expensive to purchase out-right, but in the long run, it would pay for itself in savings on the rental fees. Therefore, we are praying that our friends abroad will help us buy these items for a complete set of sound equipment.

We are listing the items here, in case it should happen that you have used, but still good-condition items on this list, then you may send them via DHL or Fedex, for example, to our North American agents, who can include them in some containers they are packing to ship to our country. This would also save you the more expensive, long-distance shipping costs.

We can provide you the email for these agents upon request. Just use our Contact form to reach us. Their mailing address is;

Love Packages
220 Union Street,
Butler, Illinois 62015


1 - 16 Channel power mixer
1 - Booster - 1,200 Watt
1 - Bass Guitar
1 - Solo Guitar
1 - Rythm Guitar
3 - Microphone stands
6 - MIcrophones
6 - Wireless microphones
2 - Mix Box speakers
2 - Bass double Speakers
1 - Keyboard stand
1 - Keyboard (Yamaha PSR 2,100 preferred)
6 - Horn speakers
6 - Megaphones
2 - Generators (big)

Big Fund-raising Event

We are glad to announce that a ministry is coming to visit in March with plans to set up a mattress factory in our area, specifically to provide employment to some of our poor people. Joe Louis, of Stepping Out, and some important members of parliament from our country will be present to talk about their vision for this factory, which will address the poverty issue of those who will be employed in their factory.

We had hoped to have event in March to raise funds for the following needs and projects, however it is now delayed until June (more specifics to follow);

The port charges on some containers of goods for us to distribute to the poor. We expect several containers to arrive in 2012.

A land purchase, so that we may have a permanent place for our Pentecostal Missionary Church headquarters, and some departments of ministry.

How You May Help

First of all, if you are a praying person, we would desire your prayers on our behalf. God is able to do mighty things when His people pray in earnest faith.

If you would like to help out financially, you may send your gifts at any time, and they will be greatly appreciated!

Western Union & MoneyGram

Western Union and MoneyGram, charge a fee. (About $8 - $15, depending on the amount being sent. To use either of these methods, you will need the following detaiils:

Intended Recipient: Gervase M. Masanja
Country: Tanzania
City: Dar Es Salaam
Address: P.O. Box 9848, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Indicate Currency ______ Amount _____

Then, of course, you will need to enter your own name and address. When you have completed the sending, you will have a receipt with a Control number (Reference). You will need to email Pastor Gervase to tell him this, and your name and address, and the amount and currency, so that he can go to the nearest Western Union (or MoneyGram) office to claim it. Use this Contact Form to inform Pastor Gervase of the gift you are sending this way.