Setting up Gospel Literature Distribution (GoLD)
as a Christian Publisher


This ministry already exists and distributes tracts when it is able to get some. There are some websites that give free access to download and print their tracts and Bible study booklets, but some individuals in this ministry, GoLD, need to be shown how to download, and print in quantities and then to sell this literature at a profit (some might be set aside for giving away). If possible the ministry could also be set up as a quick copy shop, which would be another income stream to support the ministry.

Volunteers' Work:

Train the local people assigned to learn this work in how to download tracts from Western Tract Mission; and Bible Commentaries and Children's coloring books from Manna Publications, etc., how to figure out the best methods for printing the books, or adjusting the layout on their computer, and then finally printing from their desktop or laser printer. Cutting and folding may need to be part of the training too, as well as bookkeeping for inventory and sales purposes.

a woman reading a tract

You may find yourself teaching how to troubleshoot and fix the printer, scanner, computer, etc. and how to shop for the best deals on ink cartridges and paper supplies.

If a photocopier is set up, and the personnel are there, then you would also be showing them how to set up a small business to photocopy documents for customers that drop by. It can provide income to support the tract publishing.

Pastor Gervase would also like you to help distribute tracts on the street or door-to-door. This would give you some direct evangelistic contact with the public.

An Add on project: If Pastor Gervase brings in some pastors and/or colporters to sell/distribute the books, volunteers are to show them how to pack their bags with the books, and how to charge for them and keep track of their sales. The Manna Publications plan is for them to sell the books at twice the printing cost, set aside half of every sale towards the next printing, and to keep the other half as personal income.

Type of Volunteers:

Individuals who have experience in this area of computers, printing, and some sense of the management and business aspects necessary. Also the patience to teach others.

Time Factor:

At least three to four weeks appear necessary to make sure the Christian publishing house, GoLD, is in good hands of people who know what to do to keep it going.

Preparation Work for PMC to do:

Set up an office for GoLD, and the necessary computers and printers, scanners, and photocopier. Line up the people who are to work this ministry long-term and full-time, get funding for their jobs, at least from startup until the business can support them. Find accommodations, meals, and hospitality for these volunteers. Plan on taking the volunteers for few days of sight-seeing too.